2022 Strength Program – P2S2


The emphasis of this phase is continued development of General Physical Preparation (GPP) through foundational exercises in the 7 primary movement patterns (gait, squat, hinge, lunge, push, pull, rotate). However, the second phase is designed to explore range of motion (ROM) by getting into the position where maximal tension can be created, then held isometrically for a period of time. 

Instructions: Perform 2-3 sets of 1 repetition of each exercise. For lateral and unilateral exercises, perform 2-3×1 on each side. Exercises will be performed in order, one after the other, in a circuit. For this phase, there will be an isometric count.  Rather than increasing the number of repetitions, the exercise will become harder by creating tension for longer times. Exercise 1 is the exception to this and is denoted with an asterisk. Take at 90 seconds rest between rounds.

Yielding Isometrics: 2-3×1 repetition each
Week 1: 35-45 second hold, rest 35-45 seconds
Week 2: 45-55 second hold, rest 35-45 seconds
Week 3: 55-65 second hold, rest 35-45 seconds
Week 4: 65-75 second hold, rest 35-45 seconds


The emphasis of this day is to incorporate exercises that are generally performed with both legs and/or arms but utilize a dominant side. These exercises are typically done in the frontal plane (side to side), with a few exceptions.

Primer: Tib Raise x50, Elephant Walk x30, Rocking Pigeon x25 each
Break these up however necessary.

  1. Single Leg Snapdown, 3 second hold, Skater Jump- 6 repetitions*
  2. Lateral Squat
  3. Pike Push-up
  4. Single Leg Romanian Deadlift
  5. Bird Dog
  6. Side Plank

*no isometric count