2022 Strength Program – P3S2


The emphasis of this phase is to increase strength of muscle groups throughout the entire body and those used for the 7 primary movement patterns. Although running is thought of as primarily a lower body exercise, there are many residual benefits to increased total body strength. Strong muscles and tendons are more resilient and less prone to injury, allowing athletes to train more frequently and consistently. Strong athletes may also see an increase in efficiency of mechanics, such as longer stride length or better posture.

Instructions: Perform all 6 sets of each exercise, following prescribed repetitions of each. For lateral and unilateral exercises, perform prescribed repetitions on each side. Exercises will be performed in order with their superset. Exercise 1a* is always a jumping movement for power, and is the only exercise that has a different repetition scheme noted below.

*Jumping movement repetition scheme:
Week 1: 6×3 (Jump 6×1)
Week 2: 6×4 (Jump 6×2)
Week 3: 6×5 (Jump 6×3)
Week 4: 6×6 (Jump 6×4)


The emphasis of this day is to incorporate exercises that are generally performed with both legs and/or arms, but utilize a dominant side. These exercises are typically done in the frontal plane (side to side), with a few exceptions.

Primer: Tib Raise x50, Elephant Walk x30, Rocking Pigeon x25 each
Break these up however necessary

1a. Skater Jump
1b. Cosack Squat

2a. Hip Airplane
2b. Side Plank w/ Rotation

3a. T Push-up
3b. Prone Swimmer