2022 Strength Program – P4S4

PHASE 4: Speed of Movement & Explosive Muscle Strength

The emphasis of this phase is speed of movement and explosive muscle strength with a small external resistance. After Phases 1-3, where general physical preparation was developed into general strength and specific strength, the goal is to capitalize on that strength in the form of explosiveness.

SWAP SESSIONTotal Body Gym Workout

Following the emphasis of this phase, these total body gym workouts focus on the foundational exercises in the 7 primary movement patterns. The complexity of these movements will increase in each phase in order to progress alongside the athlete’s abilities.

Instructions: Build up to a weight that you feel you perform 8 repetitions with, then perform 6 sets of each exercise with its superset. Use the prescribed repetitions for each exercise.

1a. Vert Jump to Broad Jump
1b. Wide Stance Box Squat

2a. Sumo Deadlift (from blocks)
2b. Hanging Knee Raise (wt. between feet)

3a. Alternating Dumbbell Press
3b. Single Arm Dumbbell Row
3c. Standing Cable Crunch

4a. Seated Dumbbell Military Press
4b. Pull-up (assisted when needed)
4c. Med Ball Windmill Slam