About us

NYC-based dynamic running coach duo! Coach Marie and Coach Medina provide you the experience of a professional distance runner and an elite level coach. We work with individuals seeking to achieve big long-term goals in distance running, from the mile to, our specialization, the marathon. We coach athletes of all levels determined to better their athletic abilities!

Our success is measured by the results of our athletes as well as their overall enjoyment of the sport. We make a difference in our athletes’ success by providing them both the guidance and atmosphere necessary to excel. Performance and Experience is our motto, run fast and have fun! Train with us and discover our enhanced coaching experience!


We have been running as a pair since we met, have grown as coaches and athletes together to become who we are today. We love the friendly competition between us at races as we compete for House PRs, always driven to improve, support one another, and have fun! In our coaching, we have an individualized and long-term approach with marathon runners looking to achieve long-term goals by building-up over several training cycles to reach their full potential. Read more below about our individual stories, experiences, and credentials.

Coach Medina is a USATF Level 3/IAAF Level V Elite Coach.
From coaching collegiate athletes to professional distance runners, I have continuously challenged and enhanced my coaching knowledge. From a first time marathoner to a world championship competitor, I coach to maximize effectiveness so you never have to settle for less than your best.
Coach Marie is an elite runner and marathon specialist with a 2:36.23 marathon personal best.
I specialize in coaching the marathon distance. I draw experience from my own successes and failures, always striving to best guide my athletes. I have lead runners to qualify for the prestigious Boston Marathon and surprised themselves by reaching their lifetime athletic goals, all while having the time of their life training with us!