Coach Medina

Dr. Luciano Medina, PhD

“Athletes often overestimate what they can do in the short term, but highly underestimate what they can do in the long term.”

– Coach Medina

Coach Medina is a former Head Men and Women Cross Country Coach (NCAA Div III) and Assistant Track and Field Coach at Polytechnic University and a Professor of Mathematics at NYU’s renowned Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. With a Doctorate degree in Mathematics and Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering, he uses his strong academic background to keep up with current research and mentors both athletes and coaches towards their endeavors.


Personal Story

Coach Medina ran his whole life, starting in the fields and dirt roads of his little hometown in the Dominican Republic. Upon moving to the United States, he ran on and off during his childhood, teenage years, and as a young adult. From 2009, running became part of his daily lifestyle and there hasn’t been any turning back since then. His passion for the sport grew as he became more knowledgeable of the sport and human physiology. He improved his performances drastically, yet gradually, from a 3hr09 marathon debut to his current PB of 2hr36 ran at the 2020 Houston Marathon. He became a mentor for student-athletes at New York University and continued guiding others to breakthrough performances through his coaching at Coach Medina NYC.