Corporate Sponsors

Coach Medina NYC partners with brands to bridge the gap between companies making products we believe in and athletes in need of them. Thrive for more, join us!

#FasterTogether Sponsors

We are currently seeking the right companies to help us keep our athletes going throughout their training. Support us, provide supplies to keep our local athletes going through the hot months and expand your customer reach!

  • 60+ athletes with hands-on exposure to your products
  • Product use in the heart of the runner’s community
  • Social media exposure
  • Endless possibilities!

#CMSub3 Sponsors

The #CMSub3 Project is a unique performance-driven experience within NYC’s extensive runners community.

Thank you to our current sponsors for helping the group train with the best tools!

Blue Steel Sports

Specializes in body care products for active people. Blue Steel Sports products are formulated to meets the needs of endurance athletes operating in tough conditions.

G2G Bars

Good2Go Organic Protein Bars. Inside the wrapper is where delicious happen. Popular with athletes that stay fit.

Fuel For Fire

Fruit + protein snack pack blends are made of real food and provide an optimal balance of nutrients that active people need with delicious flavors.

WIN Detergent

WIN Sports Detergent removes sweat, oils, bacteria, and salts from activewear and workout clothing, so it feels and smells fresh as new.