Dymtro is not only a young man full of talent but also one of the kindest runner in our community. He reached out wanting to improve his marathon time, which was not in line with his achievements in the shorter distances.


Looking to take on Tokyo as his final 26.2-mile race to complete all 6 Abbott World Marathon Majors, he trained to make something special happen.

A little more mileage, some long runs, some workouts, we simply added to his training regiment that did not previously set him up for success in the marathon distance. We set the goal to a conservative 2:35, taught him the pace in training, and it was now his turn to execute.

Mach 3rd was a wet day in the Japanese Capital. Dymtro flew through the first few miles before settling into his own rhythm. He hung on in the final section on the race to finish with an impressive 2:33:47, a 9-min improvement!

He became the first Ukrainian to complete all 6 Majors under 3 hours!
Boston: 2:58
London: 2:53
Berlin: 2:44
Chicago: 2:42
New York: 2:53
Tokyo: 2:33