Hands-on Coaching



Choose this option if you are training for the Half-Marathon or below in the NYC area. Athletes training for the marathon distance should sign up for our Marathon Special Projects.

  • Fully personalized day-to-day training program,
  • Two (2) weekly in-person training sessions,
  • Unlimited check-ins with the coaches,
  • Strength and conditioning for injury prevention, 
  • Nutritional advisement for long term success,
  • Race course analysis for race execution,
  • Bi-weekly workshops and additional resources.

Every athlete is individually coached while benefiting from our group training sessions.
Click here to schedule a check-in.

Training Sessions are held*: Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 6PM (McCarren Park Track), and Saturdays from 7:30AM (Central Park).

*Due to COVID-19, no track sessions are currently held. Track training sessions are expected to resume starting in December.

Questions? Check our FAQ or contact us.