Our Team


NYC-based dynamic running coach duo! Coach Marie and Coach Medina provide you the experience of a professional distance runner and an elite level coach.

We work with individuals seeking to achieve big long-term goals in distance running. We  specialize in the marathon and coach athletes of all experience levels determined to perform at their best! We have an individualized and long-term approach with marathon runners looking to achieve long-term goals by building-up over several training cycles to reach their full potential.

Coach Medina is a USATF Level 3/IAAF Level V Elite Coach.
From coaching collegiate athletes to professional distance runners, I have continuously challenged and enhanced my coaching knowledge. From a first time marathoner to a world championship competitor, I coach to maximize effectiveness so you never have to settle for less than your best.
Coach Marie is an elite runner with a 2:36.23 marathon PB.
It is on the side of head Coach Medina that I have learned over the years the duty of professional coaching. I draw from my own successes and failures, and always strive to best guide my athletes. I have lead runners to surprise themselves by reaching their lifetime athletic goals all while having the time of their life training with us!


Jason Lakritz: NYC-based runner and physical therapist: Profunctional Running.

After earning my Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Long Island University in 2012, I began working as a Physical Therapist. I was able to begin pursuing my passion for running and build a career helping athletes reach their potential.  

I have since started my own physical therapy practice in Manhattan. My goal is to use the experience I have from running and from treating runners to give an athlete a truly unique experience while in my care.