Our Team


NYC-based dynamic running coach duo! Coach Marie and Coach Medina provide you the experience of a professional distance runner and an elite level coach.

We work with individuals seeking to achieve big long-term goals in distance running. We  specialize in the marathon and coach athletes of all experience levels determined to perform at their best! We have an individualized and long-term approach with marathon runners looking to achieve long-term goals by building-up over several training cycles to reach their full potential.

Coach Medina is a USATF Level 3/IAAF Level V Elite Coach.
From coaching collegiate athletes to professional distance runners, I have continuously challenged and enhanced my coaching knowledge. From a first time marathoner to a world championship competitor, I coach to maximize effectiveness so you never have to settle for less than your best.
Coach Marie is an elite runner with a 2:33:12 marathon PB.
It is on the side of head Coach Medina that I have learned over the years the duty of professional coaching. I draw from my own successes and failures, and always strive to best guide my athletes. I have lead runners to surprise themselves by reaching their lifetime athletic goals all while having the time of their life training with us!


Jason Lakritz: NYC-based runner and physical therapist: Profunctional Running.

After earning my Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Long Island University in 2012, I began working as a Physical Therapist. I was able to begin pursuing my passion for running and build a career helping athletes reach their potential.  

I have since started my own physical therapy practice in Manhattan. My goal is to use the experience I have from running and from treating runners to give an athlete a truly unique experience while in my care.

Amy Stephens: NYC-based runner and dietitian: Amy Stephens Nutrition.

My goal is to educate runners about best combination of nutrients that improves performance and overall health. I’ve been practicing for over 20 years in the West Village and have been working closely with Elite Runners working toward the US Olympic Team.  

My food philosophy includes whole, unprocessed foods to match an individual’s training cycle.  Nutrition is part of an elite training plan: excellent training + optimal nutrition + adequate sleep + recovery= improved performance.

Sam Whitney: Strength Coach & Founder of We Train Clan.

I attended Temple University where I received a Bachelor’s of Science in Kinesiology with a concentration in Exercise & Sport Science, and a Master’s of Science in Sport. I currently work as NSCA/CSCC, a certified Sports Performance Coach at a Division I institution. With nearly two decades of experience in the fitness industry, I coached high school athletes, collegiate athletes, professional athletes, and trained general populations. I lectured at conferences and universities on the topics of program design, elite performance, fat loss, conditioning, and resistance training. To keep my athletic edge, I compete in the sport of powerlifting.

However, my greatest accomplishment has been my simple, yet effective programming to EDUCATE, CHALLENGE, & EMPOWER thousands of individuals on their journey to achieve elite performance for life.