(P3) Strength Training: Week 3 Session 2

Pre-Season -Summer/Fall 2021 Training Cycle
Strength Program: Week 3, Session 2

This week we continue our building process by introducing new exercises into our strength circuits. Some exercises are explosive and take advantage of large ranges of motion while others involve a combination of static poses with movements through narrow ranges of motion. All exercises help condition and make use of muscles necessary for our overall athletic development. Some movements are challenging but always aim at performing the exercise movement to the best of your ability and within your comfort zone. All exercises can be performed without weights or props. If the exercises feel too easy, then it is recommended,  whenever possible, to add weights or make use of a mini-band to make the exercise more challenging. To best gauge your progress use the PDF provided in each session to keep notes of your sessions outcomes.

Click HERE to download printable version.


  1. Mini-band Activation Routine
  2. Aerobic Warm-up: 1-4 mile warm-up jog or any other light aerobic exercise, i.e., elliptical, cycling, etc.. for 15-30 mins.


Perform each jump or hop exercise for 10 – reps. Transition from one exercise to the other with minimal recovery. Repeat circuit 3x with 1-2 mins recovery between sets.


Perform each exercise for 30 secs for as many reps as possible. Recover 15 secs between exercises. Repeat Circuit 2x with 60 sec recovery.