(P3) Strength Training: Week 4 Session 2

Pre-Season -Summer/Fall 2021 Training Cycle
Strength Program: Week 4, Session 2

The objective of the pre-season strength component is to activate and strengthen important muscle groups necessary for taking on a higher training load during the summer/fall training cycle. Many of the routines are composed of movement patterns that are difficult to do when we lack the flexibility, strength, and range of motion demanded by the movements. On all occasions, we aim to attempt each exercise to the best of our ability. It is the act of performing each exercise to the best of our ability that will help us improve. In this penultimate week, we re-iterate several movement patterns and emphasize improving our range of motion by fixing a dynamic flexibility component in our strength sessions. In Part 3, it is recommended,  whenever possible, to add weights or make use of a mini-band to make the exercise more challenging. To best gauge your progress use the PDF provided in each session to keep notes of your sessions outcomes. 

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  1. Mini-band Activation Routine
  2. 1-4 mile warm-up or any other light aerobic exercise, i.e., elliptical, cycling, etc.. for 15-30 mins


Perform each exercise for 30 secs for as many reps as possible. Transition from one exercise to the other with minimal recovery. Repeat circuit 3x with 1-min recovery.


Perform the circuit 2x with 1-2 mins recovery between circuits. Transition from one exercise to the other with minimal recovery.


Perform each movement in a slow controlled manner for 20 reps and/or 30 secs holds. Move through each exercise leisurely. Repeat the circuit 2x.