(P4) MoMo Monday Week 3

MoMo Monday Week 3

MoMo Monday or Movement & Mobility Monday is our active recovery day which follows our Sunday long run workout where we focus on low intensity workouts, movement patterns, and flexibility. It is composed of three parts: •Part 1 is a warm-up component which begins with the mini-band activation routine and a choice of a light aerobic warm-up such as an easy run, rowing, cycling, or elliptical.  •Part 2 is a low impact and low intensity strength circuit focusing on strength development, recovery, and/or movement patterns. •Part 3 is a flexibility routine, either dynamic or static, focusing on improving our range of motion.

PART I: Mini-Band Activation + Warm-up

  1. Mini-band Activation Routine
  2. 1-4 mile warm-up or any other light aerobic exercise, i.e., elliptical, rowing, cycling, etc.. for 15-30 mins

PART II: Leg Lifts Circuit

Perform 10 reps of each leg lift exercise on each leg. Transition from one exercise to the other with minimal recovery. Repeat the circuit 2x with 1-2 mins recovery.

PART III: Static/Dynamic Flexibility 

Perform each movement in a slow controlled manner for 10 reps on each side or hold each static position for 30 secs or 7 deep inhale-exhale cycles.