(P4) S&C Session 5A

Strength & Conditioning – Session 5a

In the first phase of training we focus on muscle adaptation and building strength. There are three strength workouts per week with the third being optional. The first workout of the week is MoMo Monday which focuses on movement patterns, flexibility, and recovery. MoMo Monday is light in intensity, contains one strength circuit targeting a different muscle group each week, and follows our Sunday long workout. The second strength session takes place on Thursdays following our midweek speed session. This session is of moderate intensity and contains both an aerobic component and strength circuit. The third strength session is optional and can be completed either on Fridays or Saturdays. This session typically makes use of equipment such as dumbbells, barbells, etc…

PART 1: Static/Dynamic Flexibility 

Perform each movement in a slow controlled manner for 10 reps on each side or hold each static position for 30 secs or 7 deep inhale-exhale cycles.

PART 2: General Strength Circuit

Repeat the circuit 2x with 1-min recovery between exercises or as much as needed and 2-mins between circuits.