Reinstatement of Training Sessions

Saturday training sessions re currently held in the format explained below. No Tuesday/Wednesday track sessions are yet reinstated.

Meeting location: (40°46’09.6″N 73°58’49.1″W)
On the grass right past Merchant’s Gate Comfort Station.

See Merchant’s Station (public bathrooms) on the left, meeting location is straight ahead, to your right, on the grass.
Meeting location

Training groups are split into the following sub-groups. Please come within your assigned time range. Please click here to read about New York State the Masks and Face Coverings guidance.


  • G1: #CMSub4 & #CMNovice
    Activation Drills: 7:20AM
    Run Start Time: 7:30AM
  • G2: #CMSub330 & #CMSub3 ChasePack
    Start Time: 7:45AM
  • G3: #CMSub3 & Leaders
    Start Time: 8:00AM


  • Bag-check will be available with the coaches at our meeting location.
  • The public bathroom is expected to be open at this time.
  • If you plan on meeting your group along the way in Central Park, please plan accordingly with your teammates.
  • The NYRR Runcenter is currently closed. Click here for updates.
  • Bicycle parking is available for $15 at the Time Warner Center.

Thank you for adapting to the circumstances with us and continuing to act responsibly to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort. We are excited to see you soon!