Results & Testimonials

Each athlete had their own story, their own progression, and their own goals. Find below highlights of some of their successes.


Ran a 2:33 Marathon!

The first Ukrainian athlete to ever complete the 6 World Marathon Majors all under 3 hours! Dmytro allowed us to show him how much faster he could run, bettering his previous PR by 9 minutes to finish the 2019 Tokyo Marathon in an impressive 2:33!


Marathon #23: First Sub3!

An experienced, determined, and strong athlete who committed 110% to achieving his goal! From a 3:02:31, he ran a 2:58:05 PR at the 2019 Queens Marathon, finishing not only his fastest but smartest race leaving him to realize that there is even more in him!


BQ and many PRs!

PR’ed by 20 minutes to qualify for Boston with a 3:03:31 Marathon. Then takes on the famously challenging course to better his mark with a 3:00:49! Improvements keep coming!


A Statement Come-Back: 3:00:11!

Runs a PR and first ever negative split-marathon at the 2019 Paris Marathon finishing in 3:00:11 after two years of being sidelined by injuries.


Runs a 1:20 Half!

The happiest athlete you will see out there! Her love of the sport is lined up with her determination and drive to excel. She shaved off 6 minutes from her previous best at the 2019 United NYC Half, finishing in 1:20:10!


Qualifies for Boston!

Coming to us to train for her 3rd marathon with a dream to BQ, Kaitlyn trusted our guidance and impressed herself all throughout the training cycle, capped with a 17-minute PR and BQ, finishing in 3:23:37 at the 2018 NJ Marathon.


Gets a 33-min PR and BQ!

From a 3:38 personal best, Frank improved to a 3:05 at the 2018 Chicago Marathon! Proud of his Boston Qualifier, and hungry for more!


The PR Man!

Proudly representing his team at the NYRR races, improves his time every time he steps on the starting line! He ran a superb 1:20:09 at the 2019 NYC Half!

“Linking up with @coachmedinanyc
has been one of the best decisions of my running life. I’m very excited to see what we can accomplish at the Brooklyn Half and Grandma’s Marathon.”


Breaks 1:30 in the half!

“Thanks to the unending support from my incredible girlfriend Bahar and the top notch training from @coachmedinanyc and @marie11201 I not only beat every speed goal that I ever set for myself, but I hit them by the 15k mark of the #unitednychalf so that I could relax and enjoy the extraordinary sights and sounds of a closed-off Times Square and the huge smiles on my parents’ faces as I waved to them at mile 11 with us all knowing that I was finally going to break 1:30 after a year and a half of trying.”


An impressive progression!

Full of energy, Teresa came to us as a 3:27 marathoner and quickly improved to a 3:12 at the 2018 NYC Marathon, and then to a 3:02 at the 2019 One City Marathon. More to come from this running prodigy!


Huge PR and Boston Qualifier!

“One of my resolutions for 2018 was to run more and to challenge myself after letting running take a backseat to other things in my life for the past few years. I ran 2,277 miles this year (compared to 650 in 2017!) and had some exciting personal bests (20 minute PR in the #philadelphiamarathon!). I started working with @coachmedinanyc , and I don’t think I ever would have been able to reach my goals without the support, motivation, and guidance they have provided. I’ve learned a lot about myself in the past year, and I look forward to seeing what 2019 brings!”