Subscription Funds

As you know, due to the overwhelming spread of COVID-19 we have been unable to hold on-site coached training sessions since March 21st. We are committed to refunding every on-site subscriber the difference between the on-site and online fees and will continue doing so, each month until we can resume normal operations.

  • On-Site Individualized Training: $79.99/month
  • Online Individualized Training: $59.99/month 

We are refunding $20.00 to every on-site subscription payment made on or after 03/11 up until we resume normal operations. Refunds are automatically processed 2 weeks after payment.

Choose below for a direct refund or donating it towards #CMOP*.

*Coach Medina Opportunity Program‘s mission is to take another step forward towards equal opportunities by providing resources to athletes in need of guidance and financial support towards acquiring coaching services. The initiative is expanding to athletes experiencing financial hardships due to the spread of COVID-19.



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The refund/reallocation of the funds is $20.00 monthly until we resume normal operations.