Training Sessions – Execution Notes


  • Perform intervals in lane 1
  • Stay tightly bunched when working within a group
  • Pass slower athletes using lanes 2/3
  • Run recovery segments in outer lanes (6/7/8)
  • Remove watch auto-lap
  • Manually lap intervals


  • Workouts and long runs should be ran on a course ensuring safety and continuity (=no car traffic)⁣
  • Programming the workout onto your watch prior to the run can be very handy.
  • Mid-run quick water breaks are expected. ⁣
  • Stops should not accumulate to more than 10 minutes. Minimize stops.⁣

This is essential to ensure a qualitative training session as well as recording accurate data (which is important to track progress). Also, remember that the clock does not stop on race day, build the good habit of performing your workouts/run continuously. ⁣

What if I am tired and need to walk? Slowing down is fine, keep the watch running because this is part of your run. Record accurate data and embrace your progress over the weeks/months/years…⁣