Virtual NYCM 2020



7:30 AM: Meeting time for Runners and Bike Support
8:00 AM: Runners Start Time and Cheering Support Meeting time

Saturday, Oct. 31st

Crescenciano, Tomas, Luis de la Torre, Edwin, Zach, Daniel, Luis Matos.

Sunday, Nov. 1st

Jean, Dina, Poonam, Juliana, Stacey, Kelly, Emily, Anne.


  • Course: Central Park, lower 5-mile Loop

Start on East Drive and 72nd Street Transverse. Take on Central Park 5.14-mile Lower Loop along the Main Drive. Run 5 loops in the standard counterclockwise direction to finish your 26.22-mile run on the West Drive by the meet-up area.


  • Runners are required to bring and have their personal hydration & fueling plan in place.
  • Small disposable water bottles will be provided and available each loop.
  • Bike support will carry small water bottles to provide additional hydration support.
  • For Personal Bottles, bring it clearly labeled with your name and loop at which you want it handed out to you. Handout will be by meet-up area. Up to one bottle per athlete per loop. Four bottles max per athlete as you are asked to start with your bottle if you want it for your first loop. We recommend using disposable bottles.
  • For any handout, protective gloves must be worn and sanitizing must be performed before and after handout.
  • Runners must discard disposable water bottles or other trash item in the park’s garbage cans or in the crate provided at the cheering station, no littering.


Only 20 individuals can be present at the area at a time.

  • Bag-check
  • First-aid Kit
  • Cheering & Hydration Station (Coach Medina NYC athletes only)
  • Garbage bin/crate for disposal of trash


  • Participating runners must be current Coach Medina NYC athletes, no exception.
  • Every participant must RSVP in order to attend.
  • Others can cheer along the course away from our meet-up location following the social distancing and face-covering guidelines.
  • Staff and support crew are required to wear face-covering.
  • For any handout, protective gloves must be worn and sanitizing must be performed before and after handout.
  • Protecting gloves and hand sanitizer will be available to all participants.
  • Participating runners are asked to wear face-covering before the start and after the finish of their runs when closer than 6-feet to individuals as instructed by the CDC and WHO guidelines.