Winter Spring 2022 Strength Program – P5S3

PHASE 5: Speed of Movement & Explosive Muscle Strength

Instructions: Perform both sets of each exercise, following prescribed repetitions of each. For lateral and unilateral exercises, perform half of the prescribed repetitions on each side. Exercises will be performed in order with their superset. Exercise 1a. is always a jumping movement for power, and is the only exercise that has a different repetition scheme noted below. Keep rest times to a minimum, but allow enough time to ensure proper technique.

Taper Training:
Week 1: 2×12 (Jump 2×4)
Week 2: 2×14 (Jump 2×3)
Week 3: 2×16 (Jump 2×2)
Week 4: 2×10 (Jump 2×1)
Week 5: Deload (competition week)


The emphasis of this day is to incorporate exercises that are done with one leg or arm. These exercises cover all planes of motion and are the basis for rotational exercises in later phases.

Primer: Tibialis Raise x50, KOT Calf Raise x25 (or x25 each), KOT Split Squat 5×5 each
Break these up however necessary

1a. Single Leg Broad Jump
1b. Alternating Lunge

2a. Glute Bridge March
2b. Hip Flexor March

3a. Plank w/ Reach
3b. Bird Dog