What does online coaching look like?

A day to day individualized training plan through the TrainingPeaks App. Every run and workout is fully explained. Your training program is updated weekly as you progress. We work around your schedule and are able to make any adjustments on a daily basis. Below is a sample week for an athlete.

How often are we in contact ?

We are always in touch to follow how you feel and to maintain a healthy athlete/coach relationship. A weekly check-in via video chat and daily comments on Training Peaks to follow your progress and get your feedback.

I have a challenging schedule, can you help me?

Yes, we successfully work with numerous athletes having a busy life/work schedule. Everything is individualized, so your training program is tailored around your goals and responsibilities.

I am not sure what my time goal is yet, is it okay?

Of course! Training will indicate to us what can be achieved. As you progress through the training we will work out a predicted race pace and detailed race-day strategy. Focus on your running, we will do the rest.

Do you work with athletes of all abilities?

Yes, we do! And even more so we always try to partner up athletes of similar goals and fitness level when attending our training sessions. We are #FasterTogether.

What is the difference between Personalized Online Coaching and a Personalized Static Training Plan?

When choosing the Online Coaching, you opt to have us along your whole training cycle, while the Static Plan is a tool put at your disposal.
Both are day-to-day online plans geared towards your goals. Although, the online coaching allows us to observe you and update the plan accordingly with your progress, schedule changes, and anything else that may come in the way, while the static plan is not updated after its creation.