Do you work with athletes of all abilities?

Yes, we do! We serve a wide range of athletes from first-time marathoners to Olympic trials qualifiers and everything in between!

I have a challenging schedule, can you help me?

Yes, we successfully work with numerous athletes having a busy life/work schedule. Everything is individualized, so your training program is tailored around your goals and responsibilities.

I am not sure what my time goal is yet, is it okay?

Of course! Training will indicate to us what can be achieved. As you progress through the training we will work out a predicted race pace and detailed race-day strategy. Focus on your running, we will do the rest.


What are #CMSub3 and #CMSub4?

These Special Projects are the unique opportunity to work with professional coaches to train within a stimulating environment of athletes chasing the same goal! It is formed of sub-groups with leaders and chasers all driven to perform at their best!

How long is the program?

The program runs from its starting date (June 15th) to your Fall goal marathon.
Our coaching commitment for the season is up to 5 months.

What are the qualifying standards?

We do not have specific qualifying standards. We accept athletes who can chase the goal within reason. Everyone’s athletic journey is different and we look beyond current PRs.

  • #CMSub3 athletes are usually within the 3:25-2:55 range when coming into the program
  • #CMSub4 athletes are usually within the 4:30-3:55 range when coming into the program
    Reach out and share your story with us!

When and where are the training sessions held?

  • #CMSub4 track sessions are held on Tuesdays at 6PM at East River Park Track.
  • #CMSub3 track sessions are held on Wednesdays at 6PM at East River Park Track.
  • Long runs are held on Saturdays for all at 8AM in Central Park.

What if I can’t attend the training sessions?

*NEW* We now accept athletes for a virtual version of the program!

How will COVID-19 affect the programs?

  • Until we can resume normal operations, no on-site training session will be held. In order to build a strong team bond, additional resources will be put in place to connect virtually!
  • The group sizes have been reduced to ensure the safety of all once it is appropriate to meet for in-person coached training sessions.
  • The use of equipment will also be reduced to limit the spread of the virus. Any tool used will be disinfected before and after every training session.
  • We commit to a virtual or on-site kick-off event based on the circumstances in early June. Starter’s kits will be either shipped or distributed in person.
  • As we adapt to the situation, we pledge to place your safety first and to continue to reshape our mode of functioning to provide you with our professional coaching and a motivational environment.

Why do I have to apply?

We review each application to ensure that each individual is a motivated athlete who will engage within the group in a positive manner and can pursue the goal.

Can I join the program later on?

For the Fall Marathon season, applications remain open until May 24th or when the project has reached full capacity, whichever comes first. Once all the spots are filled, we cannot guarantee the ability to join the groups.

Is this program available at a different time of the year?

We run the #CMSub3 and #CMSub4 programs twice a year.

  • Winter Training: from December to the Spring Marathons
  • Summer Training: from June to the Fall Marathons


Is attending the training sessions mandatory?

No, they are not. However, attending the sessions will elevate your performances and will allow us to have a bigger impact on your progress, so you are encouraged to attend whenever you can.

I can only attend one session a week, is that okay?

Yes. Attending the sessions is not mandatory but is highly recommended, so attend whenever you can.

Can I switch sessions if I can’t make the one I am registered for?

Please reach out to us privately. We are able to make occasional switches.

Will I run alone or within a group?

We always try to partner up athletes of similar goals and fitness levels when attending our training sessions.

What groups are available?

There is a group for everyone. From our leaders training towards a sub 1:15:00 Half-Marathon/ 2:40 Full-Marathon to our beginner athletes.

  • The Leaders (Sub 2:50 Marathon achieved and below)
  • CMSub3 (2:55-3:05 Marathon goal)
  • CMChasePack (Sub 3:20 Marathon goal)
  • CMSub330 (Sub 3:30 Marathon goal)
  • CMSub4 Leaders (Sub 3:45 Marathon goal)
  • CMSub4 (Sub 4-hr Marathon goal)
  • Novice athletes

Do I have to commit to a group?

No, we are in charge of making and changing the groups and no commitment is necessary. We pair athletes of similar fitness and goals, but reserve the right to make adjustments every session based on the specific goal we are trying to achieve with each individual athlete.

What if the training sessions don’t fit my schedule?

Then we recommend signing up for the Personalized Online Coaching, which offers the same services for the sole exception of hands-on training sessions.


What does Personalized Online Coaching look like?

A day to day individualized training plan through the TrainingPeaks App. Every run and workout is fully explained. Your training program is updated weekly as you progress. We work around your schedule and are able to make any adjustments on a daily basis. Below is a sample week for an athlete.

Can you make adjustments to the training plan if my schedule changes?

YES! We update the training schedule as need be and adjust the training with your progress!

How often are we in contact?

We are always in touch to follow how you feel and to maintain a healthy athlete/coach relationship. A weekly check-in via video chat and daily comments on Training Peaks are used to closely follow your progress and get your feedback.

Can I check-in more often?

Yes, freely! Simply make your appointment via youcanbookme.


What is the difference between Personalized Online Coaching and a Personalized Static Training Plan?

When choosing Online Coaching, you opt to have us along your whole training cycle, while the Static Plan is a tool put at your disposal.
Both are day-to-day online plans geared towards your goals. Although, the online coaching allows us to observe you and update the plan accordingly with your progress, schedule changes, and anything else that may come in the way, while the static plan is not updated after its creation.

Can the plan be made around my schedule?

Yes, we create the training plan based on your goals, experience, and around your responsibilities.

How long is the static plan?

It can be up to 4 months and typically ends with your selected goal race.


More Questions? Please contact us.