Racing Team


The #FasterTogether racing team represents us at NYRR scoring events and more. They are current Coach Medina NYC athletes or alumnus or friends.

Guided by New York City’s best running coaches, we demonstrate the finest of the community: Social and Competitive, as in any well rounded program, you shouldn’t have to choose.

Club Records


OpenMasters 40-49Masters 50-59Masters 60+
Male2:44:40 Zachary Flicker, Philadelphia Marathon 20232:49:57 Akil Defour, Chicago Marathon 20233:14:45 Victor Juarez, Boston Marathon 2024
Female2:40:22 Marie-Ange Brumelot, NYC Marathon 20232:59:19 Dara Filut, Jersey City Marathon 20243:58:12, Sandra Alexander, NYC Marathon 2023
Non-binary3:20:00 Goran Vendlener, Boston Marathon 20243:20:00 Goran Vendlener, Boston Marathon 2024

OpenMasters 40+Masters 50+Masters 60+
Male1:20:22 Andrew Smith, Sri Chinmoy HM 2023 1:20:22 Andrew Smith, Sri Chinmoy HM 2023 1:29:15 Victor Juarez, UA NYC Half 2024
Female1:16:39 Marie-Ange Brumelot, Naples HM 20241:25:54, Dara Filut, UA NYC Half 20241:49:00, Sandra Alexander, UA NYC Half 2024
Non-binary1:24:41 Goran Vendlener, UA NYC Half 20241:24:41 Goran Vendlener, UA NYC Half 2024

OpenMasters 40+Masters 50+Masters 60+
Male36:13, Luciano Medina, 2024 Queens 10k37:50, Miguel Rivera, 2024 Queens 10k42:00, Stanley Rao, 2024 Queens 10km
Female36:22, Marie-Ange Brumelot, 2024 Queens 10k40:06, Dara Filut, 2024 Queens 10k 1:07:40, Nirvana Mcdonald, 2024 Mini 10k
Non-binary38:55, Goran Vendlener, 2024 Joe Kleinerman 10k38:55, Goran Vendlener, 2024 Joe Kleinerman 10k

OpenMasters 40+Masters 50+Masters 60+
Male17:41, Andrew Smith, 2024 NYRR Mindful 5k17:41, Andrew Smith, 2024 NYRR Mindful 5k20:35, Stanley Rao, 2024 TOM Twilight 5,000m
Female20:17, Kimberly Quesada, 2024 NYRR Mindful 5k23:02, Poonam Rai, 2023 NYRR Frosty 5K
Non-binary19:38, Nenad Moconja, 2024 NYCC Mindful 5k19:38, Nenad Moconja, 2024 NYCC Mindful 5k

OpenMasters 40+Masters 50+Masters 60+
Other notable results

-Second fastest 100km performance worldwide, 6:56:54, Marie-Ange Brumelot
-Hyrox World Championships Qualifier (2024), Teresa Escobar

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Racing Gear

In order to let each athlete choose the brand they wish to represent when competing, as well as unable everyone to race in their preferred fabrics and color, we put at the team’s disposal free iron-ons to customize your gear.

#FasterTogether iron-ons are available in 13.5″, 10.2″, 9″, and 2.5″, and Coach Medina NYC logos iron-ons are available in 2.5″ x 2.5″. Colors: Black, Navy Blue, White, and Gold. Click here to read the transfer instructions.