Stephen is an experienced, driven, and kind athlete who commits 110% to achieving his goals. He runs for the enjoyment of the experience and for the satisfaction of pushing himself. He started with us having already completed 22 marathons and help a personal best of 3:02:31.

He joined the Inaugural Class of #CMSub3 hoping to finally break the barrier. The took on the winter training to build the strongest ever version of himself.

Training wasn’t linear due to an injury, but he kept his head up and cross-trained through it. After easing back into training and building again, he demonstrated that he was still in reach of achieving the goal. He lined up at the Queens Marathon, ran steadily and strong to finish his first ever negative split marathon and new PR in 2:58:05!

The story was not over for our marathon enthusiast. He took on the Big Sur Marathon just a week later,  executing his own race and PRing again finishing in 2:56:42!

The story did not end there as we joins Round 2 of the #CMSub3 program to tackle summer training.

Training though he hot summer months challenged his confidence, but never altered his consistency and motivation.

On the day of the 2019 Chicago Marathon, he executes another smart and strong race coming home with a new shiny 2:49:40 Marathon PR, and a 1:23:23 HM PR earned on the second half of the race!

This journey is never easy, but always worth it, particularly in a supportive community. We want to send Stephen our special thanks for being an outstanding leader and for being a major contributor to our Opportunity Program! Thank you and congratulation for everything!