Full of energy, Teresa came to us as a 3:27:58 marathoner. She joined us for her first #FasterTogether experience on September 12, 2018, where our athlete-coach relationship all started.

Her exemplary training consistency and her genuine love of the sport combined with our guidance is the perfect combination to set her up for success. She quickly improved and ran 3:12:55 at the 2018 NYC Marathon.

This 15-minute improvement was a reinforcement that bigger goals could be chased in the near future. She joined the Inaugural Class of #CMSub3, and fearlessly trained with the crew to see how fast she could run.

With no big race in sight, she followed the training and was all-in with our recommendations. We let her know when she was ready to tackle 26.2 again, and soon it was GO time!

On March 3rd, 2019, she took on the One City Marathon in Virginia, to finish second overall with a time of 3:02:18, another 10-minute improvement. She followed the plan to surprise herself with a stunning performance!

After some well-deserved celebration, we are excited to plan for the future!

Teresa went on to running a PR of 3:01:44 at the 2019 New York City Marathon. The Spring racing season was cut short due to the spread of Covid-19, but she is still training strong amongst #CMSub3 and will be ready to shatter the mark once the opportunity appears!